It is a fact that 93{9257fd70230882bc9edd17c9f58f1213439d347c1edb48fff4b657abeb15d192} of the customers read reviews of the other customers about a business before making a purchasing decision. The better your online reputation is, the more potential customers you are going to get. It is the process of classifying and managing a business online presence and its credibility. There are many ways by which people can judge the credibility and performance of your business. People leave a review for your business; it can be in the form of star rating, or it may be in the form of reviews and comments on third-party review platforms. Your business online reputation is crucial for your potential customers. It acts as social proof to check the excellence of your business.

reputation management

How to handle negative reviews?
It is not possible to get positive feedback from your customers every time. You must be professional in handling the negative reviews of your customers. It is best to quickly answer both positive and negative reviews by thanking those who responded positively and asking the latter about recommendations. Do not ignore the negative comments or feedback as it will create a negative impact on your business in the eyes of the other potential customers. You need to respond to negative feedback helpfully. Try to solve the issues of the customers by timely replying to their comments. Try to show your customers that you are actually putting your efforts to run the things in the right direction. It will convince your customers to change their perspective from negative to a positive one.

Encourage your customers to leave their reviews
If your business mainly has positive reviews and a few negative reviews, that will not have a great impact on your reputation. It is believed that 84{9257fd70230882bc9edd17c9f58f1213439d347c1edb48fff4b657abeb15d192} of the consumers think that the reviews that are 3 to 4 months older are not relevant, so it is needed to have a constant flow of the reviews by your customers. Try to encourage your customers to leave their reviews and don’t hesitate to ask them via emails, calls, and messages. Some businesses also offer discounts to their customers in exchange for a review. If done properly, reputation management can bring more sales, more customers, and leads for your business.
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