Your main objective is to bring more traffic to your website and rank it for the maximum keywords. Google is becoming advanced and better day by day, now it is a little tricky to run a successful SEO campaign, but still, there are many opportunities to rank your website by bringing organic traffic. With every passing day, Google is playing a crucial role in providing useful information people are searching for. Now there are huge opportunities for the people to rank their websites for long-tail keywords by adding FAQs to their websites. Here is why you need to do it.



Inbound links

Google looks both for domain authority and page authority. If you want to build up the page authority for specific keywords, you must have a strong backlink portfolio. It is the most common strategy that helps you to rank your keywords by getting more backlinks from the website having strong domain authority, but it is difficult if you have a poorly designed website. When you add FAQs to your link exchanging page, you can increase the chances of getting backlinks. The more user-friendly your webpage means more chances of getting useful backlinks.

Make use of long-tail keywords

Adding FAQs is one of the most effective content marketing strategies that will help you to rank your website for long-tail keywords. By adding long-tail keywords in your FAQs will help you to take over the traffic for long-tail keywords. If you provide the direct solution to the queries of the visitors, then it will help you to stay ahead of the competition as Google will consider your website as one of the most useful sources of information.

Increase conversion rate

Adding FAQs to your website helps the customers get as much information as they can. It simplifies the sale process and increases the conversion rate. It also builds the trust of the customers upon you. Providing authentic and useful answers to your customers will demonstrate that your business is a reliable source for your potential customers.

Improve website analytics performance

Adding FAQs also helps you to increase the performance of your website analytics by increasing the user experience. It is more likely to increase your page views and time spent by the visitors on your website. It is simply because adding FAQs makes a page visually appealing.

Whether you want to improve your website analytics, or you want to rank your website for long-tail keywords, implementing FAQs strategy is quite effective. Napollo is a UAE based digital marketing agency that will help you to design and develop a user-friendly website to get more engagement from your potential customers.

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