In the online marketing world, Facebook is a holy grail, and most of the publishers claim that they get half of their traffic from Facebook without even spending a penny on it. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion daily active users, and Facebook marketing has changed a lot since its creation. That doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to this marketing channel. It is still a viable traffic source, and you need to be more strategic to leverage your marketing campaigns. To bring the best results, you need to focus on improving your organic reach, and fortunately, there are many ways by which you can improve the chances of showing up your post in the news feed.

Organic Reach on Facebook

Adhere to the quality, not quantity

If you are planning to post something on Facebook, then make sure that it is good for your readers. While posting an image, make sure it is eye-catching. Similarly, if you are posting a link or a blog post, then its content must be strong to grab the attention of the readers. The landing page should exactly deliver what you promise to. While making and posting videos, take care of lightning conditions, background, and clear audio to keep them engaged.

Focus on creating more video content

Facebook users love video content, and Facebook live videos even get 6 times more traction than simple videos. Facebook live videos don’t need to be pre-filmed. Just turn on the camera, and go live to share your tips, testimonials, and interact with your customers.

Post at the best time

Figure out the right time to post your content on Facebook. You can take help from Facebook audience insights, and do experiments by posting different types of content at different times. You can make your calendar and post schedules for your brand to communicate effectively with your audience.

Start a conversation

If you want to become more visible on Facebook, then you need to start communicating with your audience. For that, you need to make your communication meaningful. The best way to do this is by posting the content that is appealing to the visitors, and that provokes their emotions to share their opinion. A situation or a post your users can relate to will result in getting more likes, shares, and comments.

If you want to significantly grow your audience, then Facebook is a perfect platform. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get assistance from the Napollo to improve your organic reach on Facebook.


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