93{9257fd70230882bc9edd17c9f58f1213439d347c1edb48fff4b657abeb15d192} of the customers claim that online reviews have a huge impact on their purchasing decisions and cannot ignore them nowadays. Reviews are social proof, and it builds the trust of the customers and nurtures their relationship with a particular brand. The sellers should not forget sending review emails to their customers to get better customer feedback for improvement. Here you will learn how to write a product review email that is engaging and will help you communicate properly with your audience.

Review Email

Keep your customers motivated
It is a fact that a vast majority on the internet buy online stuff after reading the reviews of other customers, but only half of them write reviews on different products. It is just because of a lack of motivation, so there is a need to encourage those customers to leave their feedback on different products. When creating these types of emails, emphasize the importance of leaving a review, and tell your customers that their opinion matters a lot to you.

Brand your message
Incentives play a major role in grabbing the attention of the customers, but these messages can be a part of post-purchase emails. Instead of sending typical text-based emails to your customers, convey your message by illustrating your brand personality and warmly invite them. Ideally, these emails should be part of your post-purchase email series.

Take advantage of post-purchase emails
It is vital to think about who is going to get the benefit from post-purchase messages. When you ask for a product review directly, it will not enhance the customer experience. Your goal should be to create a balance between customers and the brand. Send them a post-purchase email having some valuable content instructions to use a product or related blog. After providing them some valuable information, you can ask them to leave their feedback in return. This is something that will help you make your post-purchase workflow smooth.

Avoid negative reviews
Although it is not possible to avoid bad reviews, yet you can reduce the number of negative reviews by adopting certain approaches. Invite only the returning customers, and ask them to leave their feedback to get good reviews. Ask your customers to share their contact information to interact with them individually. It will help you to identify the issues your customers are facing.
No one can deny the significance of the customer-centric approach nowadays. Napollo adopts creative and authentic approaches to smartly integrate your product review emails into your entire marketing campaign to make them work best for you.

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