If you are running a small business, then you must be aware of the fact that how important it is to develop a user-friendly website for your business. Some small businesses do not know which common mistakes are they making? To turn your website into a conversion machine, this post is going to help you to avoid the common mistakes for your small business website.

Poor quality website design

Poor quality website design is always discouraged. Choose a responsive and clean website design that mainly focuses on selling your product and services. Adding extra elements to your website may be fun for you but, it sometimes distracts the attention of the readers. So it is important to make your website clean and responsive to convert your website visitors into customers.

Low-quality images

Many small businesses make a mistake of using low-quality images on their website. It makes a negative image of your company as the visitors will perceive that you haven’t bothered to give attention to your website and its images. It seems unprofessional to use granny and poor quality images on your website. If you are tight on budget, then you can always choose free stock photos that are of high quality instead of using your images.

Poor website content

Writing website content can be tricky. You need to provide as much information to your visitors as you can to answer their queries. Most of the small businesses make a mistake of adding irrelevant content on their website. Research has shown that the website visitors only stay for less than 15 seconds on the websites having a lot of or poor quality content. Web readers always look for a short and bite-sized piece of content on a website to get the information. It is always recommended to add the content of your website professionally by keeping it short, precise, informative, and error-free.

An outdated website

The most frustrating thing for the visitors is not updating your website with the relevant and latest information. You need to add your new address, contact information, phone numbers, and email addresses correctly. People must know what exactly you are offering, what is the location, opening hours, and contact information. Otherwise, you will lose the leads.

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