According to an estimate, every second more than 6000 tweets and 900 Instagram photos are posted online. This is a huge data from the social media which can be used for monitoring of a brand, capturing the audience and competitors analysis. Here are a few ways by which you can use social media data analysis to make business decisions in real life.

Use of all social media tools

The first question you must ask yourself if you are using all the social media data analysis tools or not? There are many free resources available that will help you to get free insights rather than paid. Though it is a time-consuming process, yet it is helpful. Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, Instagram insights, LinkedIn insights are the top most helpful resources for this purpose. For that, we need to do manual research to get valuable information. Google trends and You Gov are free tools that can also be used to get information.

Think about the questions

Before gathering all this information, you must have a clear concept in your mind that why you are getting all the social media data analysis and insights. You must have an idea about your targeted audience. Before conducting a social media data analysis, you must have few things clear in your mind that how and when you need to publish blogs, what is your website all about, what are the objectives, who is your targeted audience, is your website user-friendly or not, performance and popularity of other websites in your niche. When you are done with all this, it will help you to get the social media insights precisely and support you to apply it in your business marketing strategy effectively.

Which activity is great for you?

Social media data analysis is helpful for almost all areas of businesses, their SEO strategy or development of the products. The social media analysis helps you to form the insights in a variety of ways. This social media analysis inform you about your relationship with the public, persona development, content strategy, messaging strategy, audience journey, digital landscape analysis, budget, community management, advertising updates, and customer relations.

In short, using social media data analysis will help you to make better business decisions within your budget and resources. is a UAE based digital marketing agency that provides tailored services to grow your business using social media marketing strategy.

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